Thursday, October 18, 2012

Anti-Rejection Drug May Also Prevent Cancer

The San Antonio Express News yesterday reported that a local immunologist and professor of medicine at The University of Texas Health Science Center here in San Antonio has recently been awarded a two-year, 450,000 dollar grant, from the National Cancer Institute to study the possible connection between a drug and cancer prevention.  The drug in question, Rapamycin, was first approved as an anti-rejection drug for transplant patients.  However, doctors have begun theorizing that the drug's known anti-aging properties could also possibly help boost the immune system's response to attacking and killing cancer cells as soon as they appear. 

To read more about the study click on the link below:

We apologize for the lapse in blog entries and hope that this finds everyone happy and healthy.


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

No Fight Left - JJ Heller

I was actually looking for another video, when I accidentally stumbled across this one.  Did I just say accidentally?  Well, I'm one of those who believes that there's really no such thing as 'accidents' in life.  This is a powerful video and in one way or another we can all relate to it. When we are in a battle for our life and it seems to go on forever, we finally come to a point when we just don't have any 'fight' left in us. I don't care how strong we are or how strong we have been - that time will come.  But my friends maybe that's exactly where we are supposed to be. Whether it's facing another surgery or getting the news that you will have to undergo another surgery.  Or, for you who are victims of abuse of any kind...there just comes that time, that breaking point when you have to let go and give it up...give it to the Lord. You've done all you can do and said all you can say...and it's simply not working.  But He is our burden bearer. He is our friend that sticks closer than a brother. And He is our Healer - physically, emotionally and spiritually. So no matter what battle or fight you're facing...STOP, close your eyes, take 4 deep breaths and relax.  Sit back and watch this video. And listen - wait to hear for God's still small voice.  He is in the middle of that battle you're fighting and the victory will be yours.  So hand it over. You'll be amazed at the enormous gift you'll get in return.

We have a follower who is facing surgery tomorrow morning (Thursday, October 4th ) at 11 am.  Her name is Tina and she needs all of our prayers.  Pray for her believing that the Lord will be in that operating room with her...holding her hand. Pray that the Lord will guide the surgeon's hands and  fill him to overflowing with the wisdom needed to perform the surgery accurately and precisely.  Sometimes in life, no matter how strong we are or how strong we've been - we need the prayers of others to lift us up. This is one of those times for Tina. PLEASE  join together and lift her up in prayer so that she will have the peace that passeth all understanding and that she may once again be made whole and well.

God bless you Tina - our prayers are with you,

Monday, October 1, 2012

Me and You and a Dog Named Boo!

  • Hey everyone, it's October 1st and y'all know what that means.  It's Breast Cancer awareness month.  Our cause is being shouted from the roof tops.  BTW I stumbled across this article and thought you'd find it very informative!  They're making so much progress in methods used to treat and cure this disease.  Who knows, my blog may become as obsolete as the dinosaur in the not to distant future. I may be singing Happy Trails to me before long...and oh, how I will love that song! :))
P.S. For those of you old enough to remember this song by LOBO, I'm posting the words at the bottom of this post...just in case you want to sing along with me! "You gotta get away and get back on the road again".

Pretty in Pink: How Pets Are Helping the Fight Against Breast Cancer

Here in Philadelphia, the University of Pennsylvania's School of Veterinary Medicine runs a Shelter Canine Mammary Tumor Program with the dual mission of providing care to homeless dogs afflicted with the disease and advancing our knowledge of breast cancer biology. It turns out that mammary tumors in dogs and breast cancer in women have many similarities, and the program collects data that could lead to more progressive treatment of both canine and human breast cancers. Because dogs have 8-10 mammary glands capable of producing tumors simultaneously, doctors are able to observe the entire spectrum of cancer development and search for patterns that could provide valuable insight into its progression. Since similar disease processes take place more quickly due to dogs' shorter lifespans, canine breast cancer research produces faster results, which could have promising implications for human cancer research.
When it comes to breast cancer, dogs are slightly better off than their feline friends; 50 percent of canine mammary tumors are malignant, while 90 percent are typically malignant in cats. Like cancer in humans, breast cancer that affects our pets can metastasize to other areas of the body in both species, often spreading rapidly to the lymph nodes and lungs.
Despite ever-improving methods of diagnosis and treatment, cancer still represents one of the most frequent causes of death in both humans and dogs. But a breast cancer diagnosis doesn't have to mean the end for your pet. In fact, you can take steps both to help prevent the disease and to give your pet the very best medical care should she ever need treatment. Follow this simple advice to stay a step ahead of cancer:
For more information on this subject, click on the link below.


I remember to this day, the bright red Georgia clay How it stuck to the tires after the summer rain Will power made that old car go, a woman's mind told me that it's so Oh, how I wish we were back on the road again
Me and you and a dog named Boo Travellin' and livin' off the land Me and you and a dog named Boo How I love bein' a free man
I can still recall the wheat fields of St. Paul And the mornin' we got caught robbin' from an old hen Old Mac Donald made us work, but then he paid us for what it was worth Another tank of gas and back on the road again
Me and you and a dog named Boo Travellin' and livin' off the land Me and you and a dog named Boo How I love bein' a free man
I'll never forget that day we motored stately into big L.A. The lights of the city put settlin' down in my brain Though it's only been a month or so, that old car's buggin' us to go You gotta get away and get back on the road again
Me and you and a dog named Boo Travellin' and livin' off the land Me and you and a dog named Boo How I love bein' a free man ...


Dishonorable Disclosures:Navy Seals speak out

A POWERFUL video you simply can't afford not to watch! A group of Navy SEALS, and other intelligence personnel, including CIA tell it like it is.

Let Freedom Ring

 Here I go again...breaking a semi-promise I made to myself not to go political.  But sorry folks, I just can't sit idly by as the country I love so much goes down in flames.  This country was formed by Christians and its laws and statutes are based on Judea-Christian principles. If anyone doesn't like that...guess what  get over it and then pack your are FREE to leave - no one is holding you here. In fact, we don't want you here if you don't love our country, our values and our flag as much as we do. We have all sat on the sidelines for way too long, and it's time for each of us to do our part - no matter how small - to speak up and stand up for America.  This is NOT nor will it ever be a government formed from Islamic ideals and ideologies and I for one am beyond sickened by the killing of our Ambassador, Chris Stevens and three other heroic Americans. And I'm even more sickened that our administration didn't see to to it to have security beefed up for our Embassies on the anniversary of 9/11. That should have been a no-brainer! The sight of our precious flag that stands for freedom being torn, burned and ripped to shreds while black Islamic flags replace them, Muslims chanting "death to America"and a liberal media who wants to turn a blind eye to all these atrocities is hard to stomach.  BTW - we gave 2 billion dollars to Egypt who is now headed by the Muslim Brotherhood - check them out too. Oh, and then, Mr. President to blame it all on some silly film to cover your failed policies in the middle east...hey - whatever happened to our Constitutional right of freedom of speech???  And just what was that you said about former President Bush's 4 trillion dollar debt he incurred during EIGHT years of his presidency - being 'criminal'?  Well then Mr. Hussein Obama how would you describe the 6 trillion dollar debt you've incurred in only FOUR years? Hmmmmm! This is what is nothing short of criminal Mr. President!

Furthermore, we will NEVER allow Sharia Law to be used in our judicial system and courts of law. And for those who don't know what that means, please, please, please do us all a huge favor and  find out.  In a nut shell, it's barbaric laws and unusually cruel punishment directed specifically towards women and non believers of Allah.  It condones stoning and be headings and murder.

Okay, back on topic :))  My church is praying for 40 days for our country. Churches and Christians all over the country have joined in this journey with us.  I hope if you feel inclined to do so, that you will take part in this effort. This started on Sept. 28th and goes until the election.  Our country is in dire need of God's intervention and grace. Not to mention a change of leadership and direction. If not, we will most likely lose everything we believe in  and everything our forefathers have fought and died for. 

My personal prayer every morning includes the verse from Romans 13:1 "Let the wicked be removed from office...and let your light shine across this country. Let righteousness return to the nation." 

And as I was reading today's prayer and quote, I thought that this prayer could also help our readers who are dealing with fear. So, I hope that you will receive as much help and inspiration from this prayer and quote as I did.  And  if you take issue with me politically, well I'm sorry; but more than that I pray that you will take the time to really understand exactly who we elected to the highest office in the land in 2008 and his true agenda for our country. Again, I can't stress it enough -  don't miss 2016:Obama's America.  Information is knowledge and knowledge is power.

Target: Fear

Psalm 27:1, 3

Founding Father Quote
Under all circumstances, trusting in our Maker and through His wisdom and beneficence to the great body of our people, we will not despair nor despond.”
- Abraham Lincoln
Heavenly Father, we are plagued on every side by troubling circumstances. It seems that our enemies are shooting poisonous darts from every angle, and stealing our peace. Forgive us for allowing the Enemy to create unrest in our homes, in our schools, in our places of business. Forgive us for allowing the government to kick You out of places where we desperately need Your peace to reign. As ungodliness increases in our country, there seems to be little room for hope. As Christians, we know that the Scriptures say You are our Great Hope. Through the blood of the Lamb, we have assurance that You are in control, and that You have not given us a spirit of fear but of sound mind. Therefore, we will not fear but place our trust in You, until the time of Your Son’s returning. For in You we have our being, and through You nothing is impossible. Lord, have mercy upon us and grant us Your peace that surpasses all understanding, that we might be able to stand against the Enemy and boldly proclaim, “I will not fear any evil, for Thou art with me.” In Jesus’ name, Amen.