Saturday, January 19, 2013

Why Didn't I think of That?

Over the years, the older I get, the more "Why on earth didn't I think of that?' moments I have.  And this past week when I stumbled upon the following article about a daughter who is petitioning Victoria's Secret to create a line of bras specifically for breast cancer survivors, I had yet another one.  A huge one.  I mean, this idea should have had flashing lights as bright as Vegas!  As the daughter of a 26 year-metastatic breast cancer survivor and former employee of Victoria's Secret (granted my vicky days were a long, long time ago in a galaxy far far away :), how could I not have thought of this! I have been bra shopping many, many times with my mother, and have witnessed firsthand the frustrations of trying to find a bra when you have had a mastectomy.  And if you are lucky enough to find one that will somewhat work it's never the one with the sparkles--the one displayed on the mannequin at the front of the store when you walk in.  The one that oozes femininity, sexiness, self-confidence.  No, of course not.  Rather, the one that fits (well, somewhat fits with the help of inserts and additional tweaks) is usually the one that is stuffed away in the drawers in the back corner of the store.  Tucked away with all the other bras that only come in your standard black/white/nude variety.  And my mom was a young survivor.  I was seven and my sister was three.  My mom was 35.  Didn't she deserve the sparkly bra that coordinates so beautifully with the matching panties?  Doesn't she (and all the other women out there in her situation) deserve the most beautiful bras the industry can offer?  So, today's post is entitled, "Why didn't I think of that?".  Well, maybe I didn't, but I am so grateful for the someone who did.  And so, I am asking all of our sweet readers to please sign the petition requesting that Victoria's Secret start a line of 'survivor bra's' for women who have had mastectomys.  What a wonderfully brilliant and long overdue idea.  As we all know, there is power in numbers.  So, let's all show those executives over there that there is a demand and great need for 'survivor bras'.  And I don't want them to just create something overnight and slap it on the shelves.  There needs to be research--for as we all know--all mastectomys are not created equal.  They are as unique as each survivor.  There needs to be thought, feedback, studies, input, and other variables for this to work.  Women who had a mastectomy twenty years ago are going to need a different design than the ones who had their surgery more recently.  And you know what? It will absolutely be worth the time, effort and money. Speaking on behalf of all daughters of survivors out there, if Victoria's Secret does start a 'survivor line', I will be more than happy from now on to shop for my bras exclusively at Victoria's Secret (well, I already do--but this will seal the deal!) simply to show my appreciation.  It will be another round-a-bout way for me to support my mother.  So, click on the link below and sign away.  Looking forward to seeing all those pink-ribbon bras at a Victoria's Secret near you. 

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