Thursday, September 20, 2012

Co-Q-10 and Chemotherapy

Recently, a follower of this blog shared with me some information that I feel is very important to pass along to all of you.  As I have mentioned before, cancer treatment and research is ever-evolving which is a wonderful thing.  However, that also means that it needs to be a continuing group effort to stay on top of all the advice and latest research that is being thrown around out there in googleland.  A few weeks ago we dedicated a post to CoQ10 and its benefits.  And while I still whole-heartedly believe that this supplement is a wonderful tool in our battle against breast cancer, a lady who has been recently diagnosed, we'll call her 'Heather', mentioned to me in one of our corresponding emails that because CoQ10 is a strong antioxidant, there are reasons to suspect that it might interfere with the effectiveness of chemotherapy and radiation therapy.  She told me that many oncologists now are advising patients to avoid CoQ10 and grapefruit during chemotherapy and radiation therapy.  They also advice against its use for a few weeks pre and post treatment.  Since many of you are in the middle of your treatment, I wanted to make sure to pass this information along. I found a brief mention of this on the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center website, but was unable to find anything indepth. Of course as always do your own research and consult your oncologist, but it might be worth mentioning to your physician.  On the flip side though, some of the latest research also seems to indicate that CoQ10 may also help reduce chemotherapy related heart damage.  Cancer treatment and research is very fluid.  And just as those darn skinny jeans are the hottest thing going this year, but will most surely be 'so out' next year, treatment and research is ever-changing and evolving.  So, please always join in on our discussions to share your knowledge with your fellow survivors.  We are all in the same boat and need some help navigating these unchartered waters!    And a quick thank you to 'Heather' for bringing this to my attention so I could share it with y'all!  Wishing all of you healing and happiness!

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