Thursday, September 6, 2012

David and His Slingshot - single and not quite lovin' it!

1st Samuel 17:1-58

We've all heard the story in the Bible of David and how he defeated the giant, Goliath, with his 5 shiny stones and one trusty slingshot.  It's a story of  undefinable courage and bravery.  We all face giants in our life.  But come on now, if we're really honest we don't want to face any giants at all...we'd much rather run from them, hide, or better yet just pretend they don't even exist. Remember those pesky monsters when you were a child that you swore up and down were hiding under your bed, just waiting for you to close as much as one eye, and they would devour you and your entire family for that matter, in one swift gulp.   You'd trudge half-asleep, blankie trailing behind you into the living room, where mom would swiftly make a beeline for the kitchen, whipping out the trusty old 'monster spray' magic formula, guaranteed to take care of all monsters big and small.  But what happens when that little girl is all grown up and those pesky monsters don't disappear that easily? You're going to have to face your giants. So, let's all put on our big girl panties and start searching for that sling shot.

Maybe you are single, never married, newly divorced, or just broken up with someone and you can't imagine facing your giant alone. This is beyond not fair!  But just remember David and how that young man had tremendous faith in the Lord and because of that was not afraid to go to battle. He knew He had the Lord on his side--he knew he would be victorius. You too can be a giant matter what the size of your giant--you have to know that it can and will be defeated. The truth is we can be surrounded by people, have a  huge family, or an army by our side, but in the end, it's ultimately up to us to defeat the giant. It's our faith that will kill that giant. Of course, everyone wants to have that special someone helping us, encouraging us, someone who has our backs, but sometimes that just not our reality.  And that's okay!  If you are facing your giant alone--there is a reason and purpose for this.  In fact, there may be more than one reason.  I had a very close friend who was diagnosed with cancer about 2 years after me.  She had been married for about 15 years and I thought this man would be a source of strength and comfort to her, but he wasn't.  I was surprised at how negative he was with her and unsupportive.  It would have been better for her, if she'd been alone. You see it's better to be alone, than to have someone who's not really there for you.  Someone who doesn't help lift you up and encourage you. Another reason that you might be alone is  because God knows you can do it alone.  And what an awesome testimony you will have when all this is behind you. Not to mention that you know now that if you can slay this giant all by yourself, then heck there won't be anything you can't face after this.

So, hey, alone isn't such a bad thing after all.  In fact, it can be a pretty good thing. You can talk to yourself, talk to God, sing and dance to that favorite tune...stay up all night watching funny movies...and no one will be complaining. Throw some cookie dough in the over at 3am when the munchies grab hold you and you don't have to explain your moment of 'insanity' to anyone.But wait a are never REALLY alone ...remember? And just maybe that's the whole point he's trying to make with you.  He wants you to lean on Him, trust in Him and talk to Him. He is there for you.

So, girlfriend, sharpen up that sword or dust off that slingshot you've been hiding for a rainy've got a giant or two to slay!!

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