Thursday, August 23, 2012

The One Thing I Remember My Mom Doing

What's the one thing I remember my mom doing immediately after receiving her cancer diagnosis?  Aside from praying and reading her Bible?  Juicing.  She did it every day during the two-weeks pre-surgery and every day for several years post.  To a third grader's mind, that behemouth cream machine that occupied a quarter of our counter top space, spitting out the pulp of every vegetable known to man was a little baffling.  I mean, my mother was always a healthy eater, insuring that my sister and I, much to our dismay, always had our daily dose of veggies and fruit.  But usually our veggies were served with a small side of ranch for our dipping pleasure, or lightly covered in a velveety, creamy, cheese-whiz sauce.  This--this was taking the term "eating your veggies" to a whole other planet--no--galaxy!  We bought veggies by the truckload.  Carrots, celery, beets--you name it, we had it.  And lots of it!  Seeing my mom indulge in a tall glass of bright orange carrot juice or leafy green celery goodness soon became the new norm.  What used to be a cool, refreshing glass of iced tea, was now one big megadose of vitamins in her anti-cancer artillery.  My mom did it religiously.  Did it work?  Well, she is still here baffling many doctors and specialists in the process.  Will it work for you?  It certainly can't hurt to try! 

Juicing is a natural way to get anti-oxidants in your system.  And as my mom has mentioned before in her CO-Q-10 post, oxygen is one of cancer's greatest enemy.  Livestrong has several great articles regarding the benefits of juicing.  Check them out along with other great sites on the internet.  As with any of our posts, do your own research and check with your doctor. 

Have you tried or someone you know tried juicing? We would love to hear your story!

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